Leadership Lab 2020

This year's Leadership Lab focuses on the Haniel Leadership Way.

This year we are setting the course for the future of Haniel. In order to get in the mood for the strategic priorities and challenges, around 100 managers of the Haniel Group will take part in the Leadership Lab in January. From 29-31 January, they will work on implementing the Haniel Leadership Way at the Haniel Academy.

HOW we work
In recent years, sales and earnings of the Haniel Group have fallen short of expectations. For this reason, various measures were already introduced last year in the business segments and the holding company to save costs. We want to create value for generations, i.e. to achieve long-term and sustainable success. „For me, enkelfähig means that we can hand over the company to our grandchildren in good condition“, says Thomas Schmidt. To achieve this goal and improve our performance, we have to change. With the Haniel Operating Way (HOW) we are creating operational guidelines for future success. It focuses on process and customer orientation in order to achieve operational excellence. This will form the basis for a more efficient, standardised and uncomplicated way of working at all levels – and thus the way we work. These are not just tools for daily work, but a new management and work culture. The implementation of many elements has already started in the business units (e.g. Health of Business KPIs, strategic priorities, tools for strategy implementation). The roll-out of HOW is one of Haniel’s five strategic priorities for this year.

Key factor Leadership
The managers play an important role in this change – because they are the multipliers for change. The basis for our future path is therefore that all managers in the Haniel Group develop a common understanding of leadership: the Haniel Leadership Way (HLW). In this way, we ensure that everyone in the Group can contribute optimally to success and lead the teams in the right direction.

The starting signal for this is the Leadership Lab: the around 100 top managers are the first to undergo the Haniel Leadership Way training during these three days. Following the Leadership Lab, the Leadership Way training courses are rolled out to all business units. By the end of 2020, a total of around 1,000 managers will have been trained. They will pass on their learning to their teams.

The Haniel Leadership Way consists of three pillars: Strategy, Execution and Talent (S E T). Accordingly, these are also the three focus topics of the training. „I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand,“ Confucius already knew. This is why the managers work very practically on implementing the Haniel Leadership Way in their everyday work. The trainers are internal experts from the holding company.