Straw beats styrofoam

Who knew that shipping material made from straw can insulate your goods just as well as Styrofoam? Our colleagues at ratioform did!

In 2020, ratioform decided to launch a new product line of sustainable shipping packaging: ratioform terra. For each packaging need, the terra team found alternatives that are more sustainable than conventional solutions: terra products are made from renewable or recycled materials, are biodegradable or recyclable, or are sourced from sustainable forestry. Moreover, the entire product line is carbon neutral. One of the flagship products, the thermal shipping Landbox by Landpack GmbH, uses only 2% of the primary energy that is needed to produce Styrofoam.
This makes ratioform terra the most sustainable line of shipping packaging out there.

So, how successful has the launch of terra been? Let’s ask product manager Mathias Pfannschmidt …