How we transform our portfolio with growth capital

Autor: Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt explains Haniel's new investment focus and why it is important to take action – even in times of a crisis.
In the last weeks, we all were preoccupied with a topic that increasingly affected our company and each of us personally: Covid-19. The disease will continue to spread, and we must do everything we can to contain it. As a consequence, we have to organize our daily interaction virtually and differently. The overriding goal for all of us is to protect the health of our employees, maintain our business and thus secure jobs.

Yet there will be life after Covid-19. While we manage this crisis effectively, we stay focused on our long term goal. Our purpose is to leave this company in better shape for our grandchildren and to create value for generations. We are in business for 264 years and Covid-19 will not stop us from adding many more years!

Investing in future growth

The transformation of our portfolio will continue. Haniel is being guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the economic megatrends of our time. The essential key to this strategy is the realignment of our portfolio, focusing on People, Planet, Progress themes.

This week, we invested in the growth fund Gilde Healthcare V, which focuses on medtech, digital health and therapeutics. This is a great opportunity for us to support high growth companies in the healthcare sector, where innovations to enable better healthcare outcomes at reduced costs are needed urgently. With our EUR 30 million commitment we took the next step of our strategic repositioning to invest only in companies that make a contribution to solving global challenges and to a future worth living.

Growth capital investments are an important part of our strategy. We committed EUR 500 million to – directly and through funds – invest in companies in dynamic growth stages. This provides an early opportunity for us to exchange knowledge and to identify potential candidates for our core portfolio.

A crisis is always also an opportunity, let’s accelerate making this world a better place.