Future Haniel

Success requires change - which is why Haniel is realigning itself.

Haniel is starting its next chapter with its new strategic positioning: Following the successful financial consolidation, Haniel will return to a growth path. The fundamental basis is the development of a modern, entrepreneurial culture. Furthermore, in future Haniel will only invest in companies that – in addition to return expectations towards the portfolio – also positively contribute to a future worth living. This will be supported by a new management approach, a realignment of the management Holding Company and a generational shift in the Supervisory Board.

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of Haniel, commented: “We want to be the leading family-equity company and to embark on a clear growth path. Together with our shareholders and colleagues at the Holding Company and in the divisions, we have developed a sustainable investment approach. We are focussing on issues that have a relevance for people in the long term, thereby making our contribution to a future worth living.”

People, Planet, Progress: sustainable portfolio strategy 
Haniel is committed to the goal of ensuring good future prospects for many generations to come. Specifically, Haniel is being guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the economic megatrends of our time. The strategic repositioning sets out three clearly defined themes: People, Planet, Progress. Therefore, the company will only invest in business models that contribute to a future worth living.

In addition to its investment portfolio focussing on established companies, Haniel will also use a share of its investment volume to invest in companies in earlier stages of their development through investment funds, taking into account the themes of People, Planet and Progress. Thereby, Haniel seeks to participate in growth and to also take advantage of diversification opportunities earlier on.

As a profit-oriented company, Haniel has set clear goals for its investment portfolio: to outperform the capital market and generate a total return of more than 9% in the medium term.

Haniel develops new management model
Haniel will change from a classic investment holding into a strategic architect that actively develops companies in the future. This will be achieved through management, coordination, consulting and control under a new joint management system, the Haniel Operating Way (HOW).

Going forward, the Haniel Holding Company will become leaner and will be divided into two areas. The Investment area – using a team structure broken down by different subject areas in the foreseeable future – will steer the acquisition of new companies while at the same time directing the existing business areas as well as being responsible for their continuous value enhancement. The Infrastructure/Family area will bundle services for the Holding Company and the shareholders.

New Chairwoman for Supervisory Board: Franz M. Haniel to hand over to Doreen Nowotne in 2020
Franz M. Haniel will hand over the Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board to Doreen Nowotne by the end of April next year – making her the first person from outside the family in the company’s history to assume the Chairmanship of the Supervisory Board.

“With the new strategy and the new structure being largely implemented by then, I consider the year 2020 to be the right time for a new generation to support the transformation also on the part of the Supervisory Board. With her many years of experience in investment management, Doreen Nowotne is exactly the right expert to accompany the change,” said Franz M. Haniel.

Doreen Nowotne has been a member of Haniel’s Supervisory Board since April 2018. She spent a total of 13 years in the private equity business, at UBS Capital and most recently as a partner at BC Partners, where she was responsible for both the acquisition and development of portfolio companies. Doreen Nowotne is a member of the Supervisory Boards of Brenntag AG, Jenoptik AG and Lufthansa Technik AG.

Doreen Nowotne commented: “I am very much looking forward to the work that lies ahead, and at the same time I am aware of the footsteps I am following in. I feel confident that with the transformation that has been initiated, Haniel has set the right course for the future.”