Family Companies for a joint future worth living

Enkelfähig is an attitude: It means living in a value-oriented way and reconciling this with entrepreneurial thinking. It is not about winning in the short term, but about being successful in the long term – as family businesses have been doing for centuries and can thus set an example for others in the next generation as well.

A balance between economy and ecology must be the key factor for successful business. For Germany in particular, we see an opportunity to take on a pioneering role here, to raise “made in Germany” to a new level and thus to position medium-sized family businesses excellently. Enkelfähig can thus also become internationally synonymous with modern, sustainable and successful entrepreneurship.

We invite other companies to follow the Enkelfähig path with us and to learn from each other – because only together can we change the economy! Currently, the Enkelfähig initiative is still in its infancy – with many ideas to fill the network with life in the coming weeks.


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Simone Fuchs

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