Haniel wants to be enkelfähig

Enkelfähig is Haniel‘s corporate purpose – and is now also firmly anchored in the company’s strategy. But for us, enkelfähig is also more than that; it is an attitude and the basis for a shared journey on which we want to take others with us.

How Haniel lives enkelfähig

For us, enkelfähig means creating value for generations with companies that offer answers to the greatest challenges of our time. Haniel has succeeded in this time and again over almost three centuries. Transformation is a tradition at our company. In the 21st century, this means consistently combining sustainability with outperformance. As a leading purpose-driven investor in Europe, we want to build sustainable companies that secure a future worth living.

Our medium-term economic goals are derived from this aspiration. By 2025, we want to:

  • Earn a total shareholder return (TSR) on the portfolio of at least 9 percent, and at the same time.
  • Achieve a score above 4 on the entire portfolio in our internal Future Worth Living Score (FWL).

Some of the guiding questions we use to define our Future Worth Living are: Can this company help reverse climate change and protect biodiversity? Is there potential to transition to a circular model? Does it support equality and fair labor practices?



Haniel’s portfolio companies are already successful with corresponding offerings: be it with circular service models in washroom hygiene and workwear at CWS or with sustainable packaging solutions at Ratioform within the TAKKT Group. And social responsibility can also be economically successful, as demonstrated by das kinderzimmer, a leading provider of early childhood education.

How we proceed with the transformation

To implement enkelfähig, we work on three levels: Portfolio, Leadership and Culture. With our “People, Planet, Progress” investment approach, we are transforming our portfolio according to clear performance indicators and consistent sustainability criteria. We manage our investments in a uniform and performance-oriented manner through our “Haniel Operating Way” leadership model. And we are actively developing the Group’s culture – in the direction of entrepreneurship, performance orientation and diversity.



The transformation of our portfolio has only just begun and requires a great deal of courage and the conviction that fundamental changes are necessary and right. But we are convinced that this path is the only one that guarantees long-term economic success.